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“Its summer of 69…….” It has not been the long time since Bryan Adams rocked the Dasarath Stadium with his many of the world’s super hits. The whole stadium glowed up with the streaming camera and mobiles capturing the breathtaking moment, it seemed that thousands of fireflies enjoying the orchestra. That has become one of the most memorable phase and lifetime achievement of many Nepali Music lovers. No sooner had the Bryan Adams landed in this holy land of Gautam Buddha and Himalayas, than the famous Danish band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) also rocked the town by their magnificent performance to the whole music crazies out there. The chilling winter evening glazed with the amalgam of soothing soft rock. “Take me to your heart”, “Sleeping Child”, “Someday” were the songs audience keenly waiting for. Despite some of the inconveniences, ODC Network team is to be credited for the event management of these two great events.

Now the trend has be established that world famous bands and singers are in our arena for their performance. It’s a matter of glory for we Nepali people, that the world famous bands and singers are in our place for singing their world hits. MLTR too launched their new albums in this same city and about to shoot their music video here. It’s the good aspect of this type of concerts and international celebrity’s programme that our place gets highlighted in the world front. This gives us the real sensation that world has become the global village; no matter how far we are form anyone. We can taste the real flavor of our personal celebrities in front of us. The successful accomplishment of such events too conveys the good message to the rest world. Nevertheless, music tourism can flourish vigorously leading to the international centre for this type of events if taken in organized and planned way.

But, blindly talking only in favor such events is also not a wise job. Looking from next perspective, our national bands and singers singing for us since a long time may get shaded. Our culture, tradition, social values and norms can drive away. Just being influenced by western stuffs, departing our identity cant verdict for our motherland at any cost. Similarly, a huge amount of money imparts away from our country. Also such types of programme are not in afford to all music fans. It’s a bitter truth to be accepted that we are dumb for the Nepali singers and celebrities running out in very poor economic status due to the unsold albums, but we are enjoying with Bryan Adams and MLTR. This is the real scenario.

Anyways, both negative and positive aspects exist in everything and the above compliments are just a part of it. Hope, one day it will come not only Bryan Adams and MLTR, but also our Nepali singers will be performing in one of the international concerts rocking the whole world out there. Linking Park and Metallica are the next bands the Nepal is eagerly waiting for. Wish to see them too soon in our land!!:)

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