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Welcome to पुरु’s कर्नर…


Hello, Namaste!! It’s me Purushottam Adhikari, well known among my circle by the name “puru”. I am a young aspiring medical graduate currently pursuing my internship at Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara.

As a medico, I practice medicine and treat patients. Alongside with the interest in public health and clinical science research, I perform research works to improve the existing literature, local science and treatment protocols in various diseases. As a health professional, I advocate for the equitable distribution of basic health care facilities to all especially among the rural and unreached people. I too act for promoting the quality medical education in the affordable cost in the medical colleges over Nepal by participating in the various ongoing campaigns.

I am also a writer; I generally write in online portals and newspapers on socio-political, issues of public health interest along with literary articles, essays and poems.

As an activist I actively participate and lead in the public events, raise voice for the basic human rights and freedom to speak.

I too love sketching and painting the portraits and landscape.

I am learner; I keep on exploring new things, meeting new peoples, sharing views and ideas. Last but not least I am loyal son of my father and mother as well as my nation.

Thank you for being here! Travel more with me visiting the blog!!!

8 Responses so far.

  1. sujan says:

    hAHA puru dami cha hai

  2. Bibek Malakar says:

    La Puru jiu blog ko safalta ko kamana garchu

  3. Uma says:

    Well done Dr.Purusottam. wising u for ur sucess 👍👍👍

  4. Dr P K Prajapati says:

    Hi Doctor Adhikari ji, Maa paani Doctor huu. Malai pani prajapati.com .np website kholna man lagcha , Kasari kholna sakincha yesto website. kripaya jharko namaani sallaha dinus

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